Constructing chemical fertiliser plant possible



The task force formed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MoALD) has concluded that it is possible to build a chemical fertiliser factory in .

The task force formed by the ministry under the coordination of MoALD Secretary Rajendra Prasad Bhari submitted its preliminary study report to Agriculture Minister Ghanshyam Bhusal on Thursday. The report states that the construction of a in the country is possible, however more technical details need to be studied.

“This is just a preliminary report and an in-depth study on the technical aspects of the plant is required,” said Hari Bahadur KC, spokesperson for MoALD. The report has suggested that it would be appropriate to adopt either biomass gasification or hybrid technology using hydropower to set up a urea plant immediately.

The task force has estimated that the electricity tariff will be low due to adequate production of hydroelectricity in Nepal and said that the technology is suitable.

“In recent years Nepal has been generating excessive electricity and we can use it to operate the plant,” he said, adding, “Looking at the current status the report has recommended the government to conduct a thorough study on the utilisation of electricity to operate the plant.”

Prior to this, and had also conducted a study on the feasibility of building a fertiliser factory in Nepal. However, both their suggestions were costly and not relevant to the current situation. Thus, MoALD has again conducted a fr

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