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    Tech and AutoFintechConnect your HBL Bank Account to CellPay for a chance to win...

    Connect your HBL Bank Account to CellPay for a chance to win a Samsung Galaxy A52.

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    For all HBL customers, Cellcom Private Limited- CellPay has launched a new deal called “HBL को अकाउन्ट लिंक गरौं Galaxy A52 जित्ने मौका पाऔँ” in with Himalayan Bank Limited.

<h2>About the Campaign</h2>
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    As part of the CellPay Offer, HBL customers receive an SMS with a connection from the bank. Customers can create a profile by clicking the link and uploading their photo as well as any doplusents. After their profile has been developed, customers will receive an SMS with a connection to download the CellPay app and their CellPay user credentials.

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    Customers must sign in and connect their Himalayan bank account in CellPay, then complete at least one transaction from the CellPay app to be eligible to win a sure-shot gift voucher worth NPR. from Gyapu Market Place. Every week, two lucky customers win exciting from Local Farm and Energizer, and once a month, one lucky customer will win the grand prize of a Galaxy A52. The offer is valid from May 10th, 2021, until May 10th, 2021, or until further notice.

    to Participate

    Step 1: Himalayan Bank Account Holders receive an SMS containing a link from Himalayan Bank
    Step 2: Click on the link and follow the process
    Step 3: Install the CellPay app and follow the process
    Step 4: Link your HBL account with CellPay and do any one transaction.
    Note: Customers who have not received SMS yet can also install the CellPay app directly from Playstore/Appstore, sign up, and follow the process.


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    CellPay is a payment service has been approved by the National Reserve Bank. It is Nepal’s first mobile payment system that operates via a website and application and does not require the use of a wallet. You’ll need a bank account to use this payment app for real-time transactions, but that’s it.

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