Commercial banks report a decrease in total deposits in the first week of Kartik


The release of an extensive study on the and lending trends in the nation’s commercial banks has been announced. This is the has been reported as of Kartik 05, which is the last working day of the first working week. CD ratios have averaged 89.22 percent during the month of March.

The entire decreased Rs. 20 billion in the first week of Kartik, the total to Rs. 4,249 billion at this time. The deposit is in local currency to the tune of Rs. 4,113 billion, with the remaining Rs. 135 billion in international currency.

Meanwhile, the overall lending has remained unchanged from the previous week of Ashwin, and the total amount stands at Rs. 3,998 billion (Rs. 3.99 billion). Approximately Rs. 3,842 billion in lending has been forwarded in local currencies, with the remaining amount of Rs. 156 billion being forwarded in foreign currencies.

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