Closure of the Agricultural Development Bank (ADBL) for a dividend of 21.0526 percent


The Agricultural Development Bank Limited (ADBL) has scheduled its 15th General Meeting on the 29th of Poush, 2078. The conference would begin at 11 a.m. that day at the Agriculture Development Bank Central Training Centre in Bhaktapur.

The AGM will approve a 21.0526 percent dividend for fiscal year 2077/78, among other items on the agenda. The of directors decided on a 20 percent distribution and a 1.0526 percent cash dividend (for tax purposes) during their meeting on 1. In addition, the business has chosen to pay a 6% cash dividend to holders of Irredeemable Non-cumulative Preference Shares.

The book will be closed on 16. As a result, shareholders who held shares prior to that date are entitled to the dividend payment and are welcome to attend the AGM.

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