Chinese workers arrive for remaining work of PIA



have arrived in Kathmandu to continue with the work of Pokhara International Airport (PIA).

According to the (CAAN), workers arrived here on Sunday and have already departed for the construction site without any delay.

A total of 52 Chinese workers have returned to work after being inoculated with COVID-19 vaccine.

Recently, the Chinese had made it mandatory for all the citizens to get COVID-19 vaccine before travelling outside the country and after getting vaccinated they need to rest for a month. Because of this provision, the workers were late in arriving, stated CAAN.

According to Binesh Munakarmi, chief of PIA, a total of 158 Chinese workers have received approval to come to for construction of the airport. Among them, 52 have already arrived while the remaining workers are in the process in to depart for Nepal.

Among the 52 workers who have arrived, 15 are technicians while the remaining 37 are interior workers. More than 200 workers, including Nepali and Chinese nationals, are currently working at the cons

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