CHCL (Chileme Hydropower Company Limited) declares a 15 percent dividend for fiscal year 2077/78.


Chilime Hydropower Company Limited (CHCL) has proclaimed its 25th General Meeting (AGM) to be held Poush 23, or January 7.

The 392nd meeting of the board of directors, which was place Mangsir 24, also suggested a 15 percent dividend for the fiscal year 2077/78, which was by the shareholders. 7.5 percent will be distributed as shares, while the remaining 7.5 percent will be issued as cash dividends. The current paid-up capital of the company is Rs. 6.28 crores arba. Prior to this (i.e., fiscal year 2076/77), the corporation distributed 10 percent bonus shares and 10 percent cash dividends in the previous fiscal year.

Poush 15, the firm has declared the book for dividends and the general meeting. As a result, investors who had their accounts in good standing before that date are eligible for the dividend and are also welcome to attend the AGM. The LTP of the company is Rs. 526 the time of writing.

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