CG is working on attractive deals for 13 Suzuki automobiles.


CG MotoCorp is planning to provide its customers attractive deals as well as 13 various Suzuki models. CG MotoCorp, which is part of the Chaudhary Group and is Nepal’s official dealer for Suzuki cars, said it was working on a new strategy.

Karun Shakya, the company’s head of marketing, said, “CG is now selling 12 varieties of Suzuki cars.” At the same time, we’re working on a winter and festival-specific plan with a total of 13 automobile kinds.’

Aside from that, cash discounts, exchange, financing, and the down payment will all be decreased, and many gift schemes will be eliminated. As a result, he believes that purchasing a car under various programmes and schemes will be beneficial to customers and consumers.

โ€œThere used to be a NADA auto show before the major festival,โ€ he explained. Many consumers even reserved autos just for the show. Since last year, however, there has been no auto exhibition. Even though it is an auto show, we will bring a variety of schemes to ensure that customers receive the same quality of service.’

He knows that the utility vehicle segment (UV) is extremely popular in the Nepalese market.

Suzuki’s Vitara Brezza is a popular vehicle even in the UV market, he noted. โ€œIt is one of the most popular automobiles.โ€ Cars like the Swift, Wagner, and S-Presso are also quite popular.

CG also sells automobiles such as the Baleno, Ciaz, S Cross, Ertiga, SL-6, Ignis, Eeco, Eeco Cargo, and Dzire.

โ€œIn the Nepali market, Suzuki has the first and best presence in the van and segment,โ€ he added. โ€œRight now, we stopped selling Alto cars, but sales of this car are high even in the second-hand market.โ€

He claimed that the vehicle market, which had dropped by half in the first phase of the downturn, had returned to normal in the last decade, but that Covid’s new transition had harmed it once again. He recognises that, even if individuals wish to buy a car, they are unable to do so owing to the current scenario. He did say, however, that the purchase of private vehicles is being compelled because public transportation is deemed unsafe owing to the virus.

He claims that lowering the down paint limit, even for vehicles purchased singly, will revive the market.

โ€œVehicles are sold with a down payment of up to 20% institutionally, but we are unable to lessen the 50% down payment maximum when an individual buys a car,โ€ he stated. โ€œSome people may be able to afford a car.

He said that CG MotoCorp, which has been in the Nepalese automobile industry for 30 years, has been selling Suzuki and Maruti Suzuki vehicles to its clients as the sole distributors for Japan’s Suzuki Motors Corporation and India’s Maruti Suzuki India in Nepal.

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