CFN and passengers are concerned about an increase in transportation fares.


Passengers and the Consumers’ Forum Nepal (CFN) have expressed their dissatisfaction with the increase public transportation rates implemented by the Bagmati Provincial Government.

Roshan Pokharel, a central member of the CFN, has called for the cancellation of the fare increase, claiming that the increase has negatively impacted passengers during the Dashain festival.

Passengers have expressed dissatisfaction with the increase public transportation fares. a result, they have branded the government’s decision as unscientific. The mayor of Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Shyam Maharjan, has accused the government of unfairly punishing travellers at a time when festivals are just around the corner by raising public transportation costs.

a similar vein, commuter Indra Maya Tamang called for the government’s decision to be overturned.

According to the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development of the provincial administration, public transportation charges within the province, including the Kathmandu Valley, have been raised. Beginning on October 18, the new policy will take effect.

Public transportation fares have been adjusted by the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure Development the province, and by public bus up to a distance of five kilometres is charged Rs 18 per person. The ruling, on the other hand, will take effect on October 18.

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Similarly, up to 10 km costs Rs 23, travel up to 27 km costs Rs 27, travel up to 20 km costs Rs 30, and travel over 20 km costs Rs 35. The transportation of belongings weighing up to 15 kg is complimentary for those riding public transportation. If you have more than 10 kg of things to transport, you will be charged Rs 5.

The government has increased public transportation fares the province, with the of those in the Kathmandu Valley, by 23 percent.

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