CellPay is the best deal on air ticket purchases right now.


CellPay, a payment service provider (PSP) startup, intends to offer the highest amount of cash back on airline tickets in the industry. According to the company, it implemented such a programme in order to provide greater convenience to its service recipients.

If you purchase a Buddha Air ticket for the Kathmandu-Pokhara route, which costs Rs 5,035, you will be eligible for a cashback of Rs 277.60, according to the plan.

Similarly, when you purchase an aeroplane ticket for the same journey, which costs Rs 5,035, you will receive a refund of Rs 335 when you pay for the ticket. When you purchase an airline ticket for Rs 5, for this trip, it is claimed that you would receive payback in the amount of Rs 655.83 paisa.

Buddha Air tickets for the Kathmandu-Nepalgunj route, which cost Rs 10,285 each, will be reimbursed in cash in the amount of Rs 58.08. Additionally, customers who pay Rs 10,285 for the same trip would receive a Rs 700 discount, while those who spend Rs 10,300 for will receive a Rs 909 reduction.

Similarly, for the Kathmandu-Simara route, a Buddha Air ticket worth Rs 3, is paid through CellPay a rate of Rs 18.70 paisa; for the same route, the same airline ticket payment rate is Rs 176.80 paisa; and for the same route, the same airline ticket payment rate is Rs 250.10 paisa for ticket. CellPay is a payment method that is currently accessible.

CellPay asserts that this reduction is more than that offered by other payment service companies.

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