CBS says 2021 census to be more comprehensive



The 12th series of is scheduled to be conducted for 15 days from June 8 to 22 in 2021 and as per the (CBS), the upcoming census will collect more descriptive details as well as additional details than the previous census.

During the video conference jointly organised by CBS and Society of Economic Journalists (SEJON), Nebin Lal Shrestha, director general of CBS, said that the upcoming census will collect the detailed description of the households such as ownership, its uses and structure.

Similarly, the description related to land used for agricultural purpose and its area, number of animals and birds, number of households constructed with the grant provided by the government and number of people who have taken vocational training and skilled manpower, among others, will also be included.

“Access to financial facilities (account and loan in banks and financial institutions) is an addition to the questionnaire this ,” said Shrestha.

Description of facilities used by households such as drinking water, toilet, cooking fuel, electricity, television, phone, vehicles, etcetera will also be collected during the census.

Similarly, the census will collect the details of property in the name of women, small family businesses, absentees in family due to labour migration and details of their work/profession.

Shrestha mentioned that the census will also collect data about working status, institutional area, reasons for not working and job search.

He also said that data will also be collected at the ward level to verify the statistics collected from the household level, among others. CBS has prepared a questionnaire of 80 questions for 2021 census.

CBS has projected that there are around seven million households and the population stands at 30 million in the country at the moment.

With the slogan ‘My Census, My Participation, National Population Census 2021’ CBS expects participation and support from everyone in the upcoming census.

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