Budget for road projects has been blocked by FinMin, but this is not the end of the story.


The Substitution Bill, which was introduced by Finance Minister Janardan Sharma, stated that for 1400 small roads would be put on hold. However, the budgets for those will not be cut back.

In the bill, Finance Minister Sharma announced that the implementation of 1400 projects would be halted because they had not been thoroughly studied from both an economic and technical standpoint.

However, the Department of Roads has informed the that, out of the 1400 projects, 1000 projects are old projects that cannot be stopped at this time, and therefore cannot be stopped. When Bishnu Prasad Paudel became Finance Minister, he announced that the Terai/Madhes Infrastructure Development Program would include 617 road projects, which he announced in his budget statement.

For construction, a budget of Rs 1.54 billion was allocated, Rs 2.4 million being allocated per project, under the framework of the program. The Infrastructure Development Program, which was created by the former Finance Minister Paudel, included 793 road projects. He had allotted Rs 1.94 billion for the project in his budget.

“According to the replacement bill, 1,410 projects worth a total of Rs 2.4 million each will be postponed. According to Shiva Prasad Nepal, a Department of Roads spokesperson, “the budget for these projects has not been halted at this point in time.” “Since the beginning of the year, approximately 1,000 schemes have been under construction.” The old contracts of these schemes cannot be postponed or modified without affecting the new contracts. Instead, it is possible that approximately 400 newly added projects will be postponed.”

The department has recommended to the that the budgets for the schemes be transferred to the regional offices. Nepal, who also happens to be the Deputy Director General at the Department of Transportation, asserted that the road projects that were contracted last year could not be stopped. “Projects that were already under construction last year cannot be stopped,” he stated. “The initiatives included in this year’s budget can be postponed if the administration wants.”

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