Bonus shares worth 20 percent are being distributed to Demat accounts by Salt Trading Corporation (STC).


To reward its shareholders, Salt Trading Corporation Limited (STC) has delivered worth 20% of their shares straight to their Demat accounts. In addition, the corporation has advised its stockholders to dematerialize their holdings in the company.

The company’s 54th annual general meeting (AGM) approved a 25 percent dividend for the fiscal year 2076/77. In its meeting on Chaitra 23, 2077, the Board of Directors suggested a 20 percent bonus share and a 5 percent cash dividend (including tax amount) from the profits of the fiscal year 1976/77, respectively. As a result, the are valued at slightly more than Rs. 3.84 crores, and the cash dividend is valued at slightly more than Rs. 96.01 lakhs.

The identical have now been distributed to shareholders’ Demat accounts, in the same proportion as before. The book was officially closed on Kartik 02, 2078. As a result, dividends are payable to stockholders who had their accounts in good standing prior to that date. It should be noted that the have already been listed on the NEPSE.



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