Bank details change hunxa ta manxe na gayera


Ma Kathmandu jana sakinda. Mero broker ly bank account details change gardey vanera pathako thye(tms naa vako mail bata) no respond. Can they change my bank details to another bank without visiting office?

More at: r/NepalStock by sup3rcalifragilistic

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  1. Ok_Razzmatazz2585 says

    They would change if you already have CASBA verified from both of your bank that you can add more than one bank account linked to your meroshare

  2. netsos798 says

    mero chai gardeko thiyo hai. Mail ma bank details and a picture of checkbook patha vaneko thiyo. pathaye ani vayo. 58

  3. Shvmsth says

    You have to visit broker. KYC vanxa. K vanxa. Jhyau po cha ta hau.

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