Bada Dashain Bada Speed, Bada TV Offer from Vianet for Dashain


Vianet, Nepal’s premier service provider, has been delivering high-quality services, well as television services, for over a decade. When it comes to providing services and offers to its consumers, Vianet is always at the forefront of the industry. With the start of the “Bada Dashain Ma” promotion, Vianet is offering its customers the opportunity to acquire higher speed for the same price as well as a discount of up to 22 percent on 32 and 55-inch Mi Android TVs during Dashain holiday season.

or new yearly members to Vianet can benefit from promotion by receiving higher speed for the same price. Vianet has also teamed with Xiaomi to provide Mi TVs part of a package deal with Vianet’s and television bundles. Customers of Vianet can save up to 22 percent on 32 and 55-inch Android televisions when they purchase one of these Mi TV bundle contracts.

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