Average or Buy new Scripts in this market?


do think is good? Even averaging, I won’t be in profit for quiet some time. But if I new scripts, I get atleast some profits when the market is going up.

I’m confused because I might need the money next year tira so.

Give your thoughts. Which one do think would be better if you had to do it?

More at: r/NepalStock by NamXina

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  1. [deleted] says


  2. tessell8r says

    that’s now how it works now, is it?

  3. berojgar_keto says

    Even if you average your stocks you can sell the units you buy now for profit if the market goes up…If you have say 100 units of ABC (in loss) you can average and buy 100 units now…you can sell those 100 units for profit if the market rises….so buying new script or averaging both will provide you profits….

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