Friday, November 19, 2021
    Nepal Stock ExchangeNEPSE NewsAll of the major TA indicators indicate an uptrend.

    All of the major TA indicators indicate an uptrend.

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    The NEPSE index fluctuated by 157.07 points, with the market reaching its peak point at 2825.89 and its lowest point at 2668.82. Over the course of this trading week, the index increased by 78.84 points (2.93 percent). In the previous week, the market closed at 2690.29 points, while on Thursday, the market closed at 2769013 points.


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    The Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is a type of moving average that is exponential in nature.

    The NEPSE index is trading above both the 5-day and the 20-day exponential moving averages. The fact that the NEPSE index is above its moving average indicates that the market is positive. The emergence of an overlapping pattern in the 5 day exponential moving average and the 20 day exponential moving average suggests that we should wait and see till we obtain more confirmation of the trend.

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    The Index of Relative Strength (RSI) measures how strong a bond is in relation to another bond.

    When measured between zero and one hundred, the Relative Strength Index is a momentum oscillator. As of this writing, the Relative Strength Index is at 52 points. Traditionally, when the RSI rises above 70, it is considered overbought, and when it falls below 30, it is considered oversold.

    Movements in the moving averages: Convergence and divergence

    The MACD line (blue line) and the signal line (red line) have both crossed into the positive zone after being in the negative zone previously. This implies the probability of an upward in the near future.



    Fibonacci retracement (also known as the golden ratio):

    A Fibonacci retracement is a mathematical term that refers to areas of support or resistance. Using the indication is advantageous since it may drawn between any two significant price points, such as a high and a low, and then used to generate the levels between two points.

    The Fibonacci levels of retracement are as follows:

    2721 is 38.2 percent of the total.

    2671 is the fifty-fifty figure.

    2621 is 61.8 percent of the total.

    78.6 percent of the total – 2552

    According to Pivot Point, the support and resistance levels for the upcoming trading week are as follows:

    2754 is the pivotal point.

    The first resistance level is 2840.

    2683 is the number of the first support.

    Secondly, there is a resistance of 2911, and then there is a support of 2597.

    The third resistance level is 3068, while the third support level is 22519.

    Conclusion: All of the major technical indicators are pointing in the direction of an uptrend. The 2682 level provides significant support, while the 2865 level provides significant resistance. A breakout of the index from either side will serve as a confirmation of the trend.

    NEPSE Market for the previous week:

    This week, more than 4.79 billion unit shares worth Rs 28.00 Arba have been traded in 3.37 lakh transactions, representing a total of more than 4.79 billion unit shares. According to the most recent available data, NEPSE has a market capitalization of Rs. 3,894,727.85 million.


    Performance of the NEPSE index and its sub-indices: (Increment here is based on the previous week closed value)

    The NEPSE index rose by 2.93 percent this week, marking the third consecutive week of gains. The Others sector increased in by 16.28 percent this week, while the Investment sector decreased in value by 2.65 percent.




    Company whose stock has the highest monthly beta among microfinance and non-life insurance companies

    Following ICFC Finance Limited (ICFC) with a monthly beta of 1.04, Radhi Hydropower Company Limited (RADHI) and Panchakanya Mai Hydropower Limited (PMHPL) are the companies with the highest beta values, with 1.03 and 0.99 beta values, respectively.


    The following are the top ten gainers for the week:

    The stock of Manushi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (MLBS) has gained the most ground this week. MLBS ended the day at Rs. 1495.3, representing a Rs. 566 (61.01 percent) increase.


    The SS Pro Software is used to do all of the analysis. To learn more about the software, please see the link provided below.


    The following are the top ten losers from the previous week:
    The price of Laxmi Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (LLBS) has declined by 15.60 percent, and its market capitalization is Rs. 1591.


    Stocks with the highest turnover, volume, and number of transactions include:

    M/s Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Limited (MLBL) is the most actively traded company for the past seven days. MLBL shares were traded for a total of Rs. 1.95 Arba in this week’s trading session.


    Top Buyers’ Agents of the Week include:

    Naasa Securities Co.Ltd (Broker No. 58) was the top buyer broker this week, acquiring stocks for Rs 2.50 Arba in from other brokerage firms.


    Buyer Brokers at the Top of the Market The following are the top ten companies that have been acquired:


    The best seller’s broker of the week is:

    This week’s top seller broker was Naasa Securities Co.Ltd (Broker No. 58), which had the highest volume of sales. During the quarter, the brokerage company sold equities worth Rs 2.15 Arba.

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    All of the major TA indicators indicate an uptrend.

    The NEPSE index fluctuated by 157.07 points, with the market reaching its peak point at 2825.89 and its lowest...

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