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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
    Nepal Breaking NewsGeneral NewsAgreement has been reached to operate Mahendra Golchha Industrial Study Center

    Agreement has been reached to operate Mahendra Golchha Industrial Study Center

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    Biratnagar will host the late Mahendra Golchha Study Center. The late Mahendra Golchha Industrial Study Center was to be reopened with the goal of performing numerous study projects in various aspects of economic growth.

    The industry association Morang and Eastern University have signed a memorandum of understanding with the goal of developing an industrial study centre that will serve a model learning centre for the country’s economic and industrial sectors and will be implemented in collaboration with Eastern University. The centre is being established to advance the of study, research, and learning by establishing academic and relations between the university and industry with the goal of utilising academic knowledge of academics in economic and industrial fields through study and research in the industrial sector, according to Suyash Pyakureral, president of the industry association Morang.

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    Pyakurel expressed the hope that the Industrial Study Center, which was established in memory of the late Mahendra Golchha, the organization’s former president and a senior industrialist, would inspire young university researchers to conduct academic research and policy analysis in the economic and industrial fields.

    Dr. Yadav Raj Koirala, Vice-Chancellor of Eastern University, said the agreement made between the two parties would aid in industry challenges through research and offering recommendations to policymakers. Vice-Chancellor Koirala stated that new entrepreneurship should be supported in tandem for strong economic and social development, and that the Center would work in such a way that and academics would be a part of it.

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    Dr Viju Thapaliya, Coordinator of the Study Research Center and Dean of Eastern University’s Faculty of Management, said the centre would a new dimension to the environment for industry policymaking, policy debate and advocacy, and interaction between industrialists and universities. The Center said it will encourage young scholars to do scientific studies and research in the industrial sector, while Senior Vice President Pradip Murarka, Vice President Rajkumar Golchha, and Nanda Kishore Rathi discussed Mahendra Golchha’s contribution.

    According to Indra Khatri (Rajan), the center’s co-coordinator and a member of the organization’s working committee, the centre would inspire young victims to study and explore economic concerns by connecting the economic sector and the field of research. Yukti Golchha, Golchha’s daughter, emphasised her resolve to completely support her father and wished success to the event, which was held to enable him make a long-term contribution.

    Late. The Industrial Studies Center’s coordinator is Professor Dr. Mahendra Golchha. Professor Devi Bhattarai, Prashant Kumar Lallar member secretary, and Chudamani Bhattarai as director-general of the organisation are Viju Thapaliya, Indra Khatri (Rajan) as co-coordinator, Yukti Golchha as member, Professor Devi Bhattarai, Prashant Kumar Lallar as member secretary, and Viju Thapaliya as member.

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