A 2.94 percent decline in the NEPSE results in a close of 2,651.49 dollars.


The index finished at 2,651.49 points today, down 80.29 points from its previous closing point on Thursday. Yesterday, the index had dropped by 3.22 points.

The index began trading at 2,730.75 and has not moved higher since. Even though it dropped as low as 2,644.91, it ultimately ended up at 2,651.49.

A total of 11,903,202 shares were traded, resulting in a turnover amount of Rs. 5.835 Arba (rupees and rupees). This represents an increase above the previous Thursday’s turnover of Rs. 3.789 Arba. A total of 70,842 were place involving 234 scrips.

The Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Limited (MLBL) had the largest turnover at Rs. 29.81 crores, and the stock closed at Rs. 652 per share, the highest in the market. The most actively traded units were those of the Siddhartha Equity Fund (SEF).




The most company was SICFC Finance Limited (ICFC), which gained 9.78 percent. Meanwhile, Himalayan Power Limited (HPPL) suffered the most loss, falling by 8.49 percent.







Today’s market closed in the red across the board. Trading suffered the greatest loss, accounting for 5.37 percent.






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