In the second quarter, Ajod Insurance reported satisfactory growth in profitability indicators.


Ajod Insurance Company Limited (AJOD) has released its fiscal year 2078/2079 second-quarter report, which shows an increase in net profit. In this quarter, company’s net earnings grew Rs. 4.63 crores, up from Rs. 4.06 crores previous quarter.

Ajod Insurance has a paid-up capital of Rs. 1.00 Arba and a reserve of Rs. 11.80 crores, according unaudited report for the second quarter released today.

company has a Rs. 13.53 crore insurance fund and a Rs. 1.07 crore contingent fund.

In FY 2078/2079, Net Premium increased by 9.14 Rs. 22.77 crores from Rs. 20.86 crores in previous year’s corresponding quarter. From investment revenue, loans, and other sources, the company has earned Rs. 2.01 crores.

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