5G testing is possible for all service providers as Telecom Authority approves necessary procedures


The Authority (NTA) accepted the ‘Procedure for Testing New Technology Including 5G, 2078′ at a recent board meeting, opening the way for test transmission in Nepal.

Service providers can apply to the NTA for authorisation to test new technologies such as 5G, Machine to Machine, and the Internet of Things (IoT). According to NTA Chairman Purushottam Khanal, the approach has assured that Nepal has the required regulations in place to test new technology.

“New technology, such as 5G, is ready for the market. Any service provider is now welcome to test and other internet technologies in Nepal.” The procedure has clarified how new technology is tested. To do so, service providers must submit an application to NTA for testing.

Information on new technologies, test locations, services to be supplied, details of testing frequencies, and network connection and operating schedule should all be included in the application.

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