24 firms are ready to launch initial public offerings (IPOs) worth Rs 6.5 billion.


According to the Securities Board of Nepal Strategic Plan, as many as 24 different companies are expected to undertake initial public offerings (IPOs) totaling Rs 6.5 billion in shares (SEBON). Hydropower companies account for 14 of the companies offering their first public offerings, while six are microfinance firms, two are insurance firms, and two are other types of businesses.

According to SEBON, the companies have urged to raise Rs 50.9 million through initial public offerings (IPOs). The companies will undertake initial public offerings (IPOs) valued a total of Rs 6.6 billion. The companies in the pipeline will go public as soon as they receive approval from the board of directors. The initial public offering (IPO) must be completed within two months after the board’s approval.

Approximately 900,000 shares worth Rs 90 million are being prepared for sale by Sayapatri Hydropower, which has already recruited a manager in preparation for the sale of ,0331 shares worth Rs 353 million by Molung Hydropower. Similar to this, the Three- Hydropower Company would issue around 1.2 million shares for Rs 120 million in the coming months. Besides that, Rapti Hydropower plans to issue 1.9 million ordinary shares with a value of Rs 294 million.

On the same note, Swat Ganga Hydroelectric is planning an initial public offering (IPO) of 4.7 million ordinary shares valued at Rs 477 million, while Mandakini Hydropower is planning an IPO of 1.7 million ordinary shares valued at Rs 170 million.

Upper Solu Hydropower is also intending to issue 3.3 million ordinary shares at Rs 330 million, which will be worth Rs 330 million in total. Furthermore, Upper Hewakhola Hydropower has applied to issue 2 million ordinary shares worth Rs 200 million, and River Falls Power has applied to issue 3.4 million ordinary shares worth Rs 340 million, both of which would be issued by the company.

A total of 2.5 million ordinary shares worth Rs 250 million are being issued by Bindhyabasini Hydropower Development as well. The Himalayan Hydropower Corporation will also be issuing 2.2 million shares, while Balefi Hydropower will be issuing 3.6 million ordinary shares, both in the same year. Meanwhile, Dardi Khola Hydropower will issue around 2.9 million ordinary shares to the general public as part of its ongoing public offering.

IME Life and Reliable Life, two insurance companies, have separately requested that the board of directors issue 6 million ordinary shares each to its shareholders.

In a similar vein, six microfinance companies have sought for authorization to go public with their first public offerings (IPOs). It is planned to issue 319,000 ordinary shares of CYC Nepal Microfinance, 60,000 shares of Adarsh Microfinance, 522,000 shares of Jalpa Community, 266,000 shares of Upkar Microfinance, and 800,000 shares of National Utthan Microfinance. Similarly, Nesdo Samriddha Microfinance is going to offer 827,000 ordinary shares in the near future.

Other companies, such as Emerging Nepal, are intending to offer 555,600 ordinary shares, while Dish Media Network is preparing to issue 2.3 million ordinary shares, according to the company.

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