100 Chinese electric vehicles will be imported through the Rasuwagadhi border


Nepali traders and businesses have begun Chinese electric automobiles from Rasuwagadhi in order to make transportation more convenient for their customers.

Approximately 100 electric have entered Nepal in the last three days, according to the Rasuwa Customs Office.

According to Chief Customs Officer Ram Prasad Regmi, the automobiles from Rasuwagadhi are being transported to Kathmandu after they have completed the customs process in accordance with the guidelines.

Customs duties on the import of electric have brought in more than Rs. 109.8 million in revenue, according to the government.

According to Chief Customs Officer Regmi, the cars that have lately entered Nepal are among the other that have been from Rasuwagadhi province.

According to a customs official, over 800 small and large trucks have entered Nepal through the Rasuwagadhi checkpoint since the beginning of the previous fiscal year.

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