1: 0.393632 API Power Company (API) Rights Offering Ends Today


API Power Company Limited (API) had issued offer letter to for its rights offering. The issue began on the 25th of Chaitra and end on the 15th of Baisakh, 2079.

A total of 1,08,60,000 units of right shares a 1: 0.393632 were issued to qualified at a nominal value of 100 per share in the rights offering. The was due to be closed on Chaitra 14th. As a result, who held shares prior to that date were eligible to apply for the rights offering.

The company’s 18th AGM, held on 25th Bhadra, 2078, approved the proposal of a 1: 0.3936 rights offering on the paid-up capital retained after bonus shares were adjusted. After bonus adjustments, the paid-up capital was 275.89 crores. As a result, a total of 1,08,60,000 was raised.

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